Ever faced problem while downloading gapps for lineageos i.e which gapps you should download for your device don’t worry we will show you how to select correct gapps for your device.Android Phones have become a great part of all our lives And it’s hard for us now to imagine our life without Android Phones.
One of the main reason of success for Android is its versatility, that is the ability to customize the whole device like you wish. People are now more interested in having custom ROMs on their device and experiment new looks and features on their phone.
which version to install?
CyanogenMod is one of the world’s most favorite Android Custom ROM. And all people who love to have custom ROMs on their phone must have heard about “Gapps” at least once in their journey, and this article is all about the different versions of Google Apps.

ARM64 – For 64-bit devices
There are 4 types of Platforms for which Gapps are made, you need to download the correct version of google apps according to your device type. Don’t get confused we have made it easy for you to understand, below is the way to find which version of Gapps you need to download for your Phone.
ARM – For 32-bit DevicesARM64 means the devices that are running 64 bit operating system/processor.
ARM means the device that are running 32 bit operating system/processor.
x86 x86_64for Intel Smartphones like Zenphone .
This is a very uncommon, these are used in some android emulators
Most of the Devices are 32-Bit, So if you are confused about your device configurations, then you can try the Gapps for ARM platform. And to install Gapps on your Device, Just download the Gapps.zip file and place it on your external or internal storage of phone, go to your custom recovery and clear cache and Dalvik cache and flash the zip file. So, now lets get into the download links table. Choose the correct android version and then choose your device type and package type to download gapps for your device. And if you are confused about the package name of Gapps, read the detailed explanation of each device pack below the download table.
Following are few famous Android smartphones along with information regarding their processor’s architecture pattern.
MAUNFACTURER                                 SMARTPHONE                         ARCHITECTURE
SAMSUNG                                           GALAXY S5, NOTE 4/3                        ARM
                                                              GALAXY S2 OR S3
Google (LG)                                        Nexus 5                                             ARM
Samsung                                              Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6                        ARM64
Google (LG/Huawei)                          Nexus 6P,Nexus 5X,Pixel                  ARM64
Sony                                                     Xperia Z2                                           ARM
Oppo                                                     OnePlus One                                     ARM
OnePlus                                                OnePlus 2,OnePlus 3                        ARM64                                                                                   OnePlus 3T
As the ARM64 aka x64 architecture is backward compatible, so it’s fine to install ARM aka 32-bit apps on it.
  • ARM on ARM device: OK.
  • ARM64 on arm device: Not compatible.
  • ARM on the ARM64 device: OK.
  • ARM64 on the ARM64 device: OK.
If your device is not present in the table above, then use Droid Hardware info app to figure out the correct architecture for your Android phone.


After installing, open it up and tap on device information tab. It will display all the details regarding your phone, including the correct architecture of your phone from ARM ARM64 or x86.
It will also display Android OS along with SDK version of your phone. You can use it to figure out right DPI (Dots per inch) of your phone. Droid hardware info app is a very helpful app; it is recommended to keep a check on whats going on under the hood of your phone. There are other tools like it but it, seemed to be the best tool for figuring out right architecture of Android phone

Download gapps for lineageos roms

How to install Google Apps on Any Android Phone

Installing Gapps on any Android Phone is pretty Easy and common to most of the Android phones. If you don’t know how to do it properly or have any confusion in your mind, Follow the below-given steps to install Google Apps on your Phone.
Step 1: Download the suitable package for your Phone from the links we had given above, And place it in the internal or external storage of your phone.
Step 2: Get into Custom Recovery mode (CWM, TWRP or any recovery that your phone has), if you don’t know how to get to recovery mode, you can easily get there by using Quickboot app.
Step 3: When you got to your recovery, Go to “Wipe” and wipe cache and Dalvik cache.
Step 4: Now select Install/Flash (according to your recovery) And locate the Gapps.zip file downloaded, And flash it.
Step 5: After the Flashing process is finished, again go to wipe and wipe your cache and Dalvik cache, And then select “Reboot” to restart your phone with all the Google applications installed.
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  1. As normal with Android issues, there is conflicting information. In this article, it tells you to install Gapps that you first wipe the cache/dalvik, install Gapps, then reboot. And this sounds logical to me.

    BUT, if you go to another article on this same site, (http://www.lineageosrom.com/2017/07/how-to-flash-install-gapps-via-twrp.html), it tells you to first install Gapps, and only after the installation do you wipe cache/dalvik. This is very different instructions, from the same site. It's very frustrating.

    So, here we are, the same Lineage OS support site, and we have conflicting instructions. I've run into this in every thing I've ever done on Android, digging through conflicting and just flat out wrong instructions. Which set of instructions is correct? Logically, I'd think wiping the cache/dalvik BEFORE installing Gapps sounds more correct, but who knows. I am here because I'm looking for expert and correct instructions, but instead I get conflicting instructions. So I'm left to just wing it and guess. It's one thing when different sites give me conflicting instructions, but now I get conflicting instructions from the same site.
    Is it really that hard to write proper and correct instructions? Or do you enjoy frustrating people? Seriously, you read one article, and it links to another article with conflicting instructions, all from the same source. I begin to wonder if it's done on purpose, it happens so often.

    1. Maybe, just maybe it doesn't matter when you wipe the cache/dalvik? Is that possible? If not, then one set of instructions is incorrect....the only way both sets of instructions could be correct is if it doesn't matter when you wipe the cache/dalvik. But I sure would like some clarification. I hate experimenting on my phone. I'd much rather just follow the instructions of an expert. If only they could agree on those instructions.

    2. Haha, and it gets worse. IF you go to LineageOS Wiki it tells you the following:

      Google apps should be installed via recovery immediately after installing LineageOS. Exact steps vary, but the process is similar to that of installing LineageOS:

      IMPORTANT: If you reboot into LineageOS before installing Google apps, you must factory reset and then install them, otherwise expect crashes.

      This seems very important, but it's not mentioned in either this article or the one about how to install via TWRP. Why do they leave this seemingly important fact out? I can only guess it's to frustrate people. Why else?