LINEAGE OS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed.LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

Download Lineage OS 14.1 on OnePlus 3

Follow this if you are flashing Lineage OS 14.1 for OnePlus 3 (oneplus2) for the first time, or coming from another ROM:

Points to NOTE:

– Try to avoid restoring apps backup using Titanium Backup. It may break things up.

– Don’t restore system data using Titanium Backup! It will definitely break the current installation.

– It is also discouraged to Restoring Apps + Data using Titanium Backup.

How to install Lineage OS 14.1 on Oneplus 3

1. Download and Copy the GApps for lineage os and OnePlus 3 Lineage 14.1 ROM ZIP to your phone.

2. Boot into Recovery. Make sure to have a Custom recovery like CWM or TWRP or any other custom recovery.

3. Wipe data factory reset, Cache partition, Dalvik Cache and Format the System partition.

This will delete all your data on your phone. You may consider complete backup of your phone data or take a NANDROID backup of the current ROM

4. First flash the OnePlus 3 Lineage os14.1 ROM ZIP from device. Then flash the GApps zip from your device memory.

5. Then reboot into recovery (don’t skip this) and flash the Lineage 14.1 Nougat GApps package.

6. Reboot and Enjoy the Nougat 7.1 Lineage 14.1 ROM for OnePlus 3

Upgrading from earlier version of Lineage OS 14.1 for OnePlus 3 (oneplus3):

1. Copy the latest OnePlus 3 Lineage rom14.1 ROM ZIP file to your phone.

2. Boot into Recovery.

3. Flash the latest CM ROM ZIP from your phone.

4. Then flash the Lineage 14.1 Nougat GApps package.

5. Reboot and Enjoy

Complete the initial setup and enjoy Android Nougat 7.1 with Lineage 14.1 for OnePlus 3 (oneplus3).

For more detailed information about installation follow below link.


1.Download gapps for Lineage OS 7.1.1

2.Download of Lineage 14.1 for OnePlus 3 (oneplus3):

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    1. ^Is this the Jacob Pitt I know from BYUI!? Ditto x3. I'm guessing it will be a couple of months before they make a merged release.

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