Updated: List of Devices Supported by official LineageOS 17 Android Q 10.0. 

lineages OS 17 Android Q 10 is live now as we all know CyanogenMod is now dead officially and it will be replaced by linegaeOS 17.0 Android Q 10 according to their official blog. That means there will no CyanogenMod rom support for any device in future so Cm14.1 i.e CyanogenMod 14/14.1 is the last CyanogenMod ROM. There will be no longer CyanogenMod 15 or + roms in the future. Here is the list of devices which will be supported by lineages OS soon. You can download lineageos based rom for your device soon. 


 "As part of the ongoing consolidation of Cyanogen, all services and Cyanogen-supported nightly builds will be discontinued no later than 12/31/16. The open source project and source code will remain available for anyone who wants to build CyanogenMod personally."

History of CyanogenMod 

  • CyanogenMod 3 (based on Android Cupcake 1.5.x, initial release)
  • CyanogenMod 4 (based on Android Cupcake 1.5.x and Android Donut 1.6.x)
  • CyanogenMod 5 (based on Android Eclair 2.0/2.1)
  • CyanogenMod 6 (based on Android Froyo 2.2.x)
  • CyanogenMod 7 (based on Android Gingerbread 2.3.x)
  • CyanogenMod 9 (based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.x, major UI revamp)
  • CyanogenMod 10 (based on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.x - 4.3.x)
  • CyanogenMod 11 (based on Android KitKat 4.4.x)
  • CyanogenMod 12 (based on Android Lollipop 5.0.x – 5.1.x, major UI revamp)
  • CyanogenMod 13 (based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.x)
  • CyanogenMod 14.1 (based on Android Nougat 7.1.x

We all know CyanogenMod roms support many devices or different mobile company so we are assuming that same device will also be supported by Lineage OS. Write down your device name also in the comment for which you to to get LineageOS roms first. Below is the whole list of devices that are likely to get official lineageos rom soon.

See also: Download Gapps 9.0 for Android Pie 

Update: The below list is updated and yes these devices are final now and going to get official lineage os rom after this week we will be adding many more devices soon.

List of Devices getting Official LineageOS 17 Android Q 10.0 support [Confirmed]

Confirmed Devices

Initial 10.0 devices

Device nameWikiMaintainersMoved from
Google Nexus 6shamuelektroschmock, npjohnson
Google Pixel Ultra (prototype p2)sharkrastley
Huawei Honor View 10berkeleyluk1337
Huawei P20 Procharlotteluk1337
LeEco Le Pro3 (Elite)zl1codeworkx15.1
LeEco Le Max2x2ThEMarD, tortel15.1
Motorola Moto Z2 Forcenasherfanoabdi, npjohnson15.1
Motorola Moto X4paytonerfanoabdi15.1
Motorola Moto Zgriffinerfanoabdi, shr3ps, stargo, vache15.1
OnePlus Onebaconjrior001, npjohnson15.1
OnePlus 2oneplus2aviraxp, ozzyscmacc15.1
OnePlus 3/3Toneplus3dianlujitao15.1
OnePlus 5cheeseburgeramartinz, codeworkx, jrizzoli, jumoog, xingrz15.1
OnePlus 5Tdumplingamartinz, codeworkx15.1
Oppo Find 7find7mikeioannina15.1
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE (G900AZ/F/M/R4/R7/T/V/W8,S902L)kltehaggertk15.1
Samsung Galaxy S5 Activeklteactivexxjavelinanddart15.1
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE (G9006V/8V)kltechnhaggertk15.1
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE Duos (G9006W/8W)kltechnduohaggertk15.1
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE Duos (G900FD/MD)klteduoshaggertk15.1
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE (G900I/P)kltedvhaggertk15.1
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE (SCL23)kltekdihaggertk15.1
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE (G900K/L/S)kltekorhaggertk15.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Wi-Fi (2016)gts28vewifiluca020200, luk1337, mccreary15.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Wi-Fi (2016)gts210vewifiluca020200, luk1337, mccreary15.1
Sony Xperia XA2pioneercdesai, luk1337, stricted15.1
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultradiscoverychenji, luk133715.1
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2Spolarisbgcngm
Xiaomi Mi Note 3jasondianlujitao15.1
Xiaomi Poco F1berylliumbgcngm, warabhishek
ZUK Z1hamsb659615.1

Note: Can’t find your device in the above list do check out this page for requesting your device to be added in the above list.

Official Lineage OS Request List for Any Android device You can click on the device name to download the official Lineage OS nightly for that device. We keep on including new devices in the list as soon as new devices get official Lineage OS rom.

All Devices

3. Amazon
  • Kindle Fire HDX 7 (3rd gen) (thor)
  • Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd gen) (apollo)
5. Asus
  • Zenfone 2 (1080p) (Z00A)
  • Zenfone 2 (720p) (Z008)
  • Zenfone 2 Laser (720p) (Z00L)
  • Zenfone 2 Laser/Selfie (1080p) (Z00T)
  • ZenPad 8.0 (Z380KL) (P024)
6. Barnes & Noble
  • Nook HD+ (ovation)
  • Nook Tablet (acclaim)
7. BQ
  • Aquaris M5 (piccolo)
  • Aquaris X5 (paella)
8. Commtiva
  • Z71 (z71)
9. Geeksphone
  • One (one)
  • Zero (zero)
10. Google
  • Android One (sprout)
  • Android One (4GB) (sprout4)
  • Android One (8GB) (sprout8)
  • Android One 2nd gen (seed)
  • Android One 3rd gen (shamrock)
  • Galaxy Nexus (GSM) (maguro)
  • Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) (toroplus)
  • Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) (toro)
  • Nexus 10 (manta)
  • Nexus 4 (mako)
  • Nexus 5 (hammerhead)
  • Nexus 5 (CAF) (hammerheadcaf)
  • Nexus 5X (bullhead)
  • Nexus 6 (shamu)
  • Nexus 6P (angler)
  • Nexus 7 (GSM) (tilapia)
  • Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi) (grouper)
  • Nexus 7 2013 (4G) (deb)
  • Nexus 7 2013 (Wi-Fi) (flo)
  • Nexus 9 (LTE) (flounder_lte)
  • Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi) (flounder)
11. Hardkernel
  • ODROID-U2 (odroidu2)
12. HP
  • Touchpad (tenderloin)
13. HTC
  • Evo Shift (speedy)
  • Hero (CDMA) (heroc)
  • Hero (GSM) (hero)
  • Legend (legend)
  • One (AT&T) (m7att)
  • One (GSM) (m7)
  • One (GSM) (m7ul)
  • One (Sprint) (m7spr)
  • One (T-Mobile) (m7tmo)
  • One (Verizon) (m7vzw)
  • One 2014 (m8)
  • One 2014 Dual SIM (m8d)
  • One A9 (GSM International) (hiaeuhl)
  • One A9 (GSM US) (hiaeul)
  • One M9 (GSM) (himaul)
  • One M9 (Verizon) (himawl)
  • One Max (t6)
  • One Max (Sprint) (t6spr)
  • One Max (Verizon) (t6vzw)
  • One Mini (m4)
  • One Mini 2 (memul)
  • One S (ville)
  • One X (endeavoru)
  • One X+ (enrc2b)
  • One XL (evita)
  • Raider 4G (holiday)
  • Sensation (pyramid)
  • Tattoo (click)
  • Wildfire (buzz)
14. Huawei
  • Ascend Mate 2 (mt2)
  • Honor 4/4x (cherry)
  • Honor 4x (China Telecom) (che10)
  • Honor 5X (kiwi)
  • SnapTo (g620_a2)
  • U8150 (u8150)
  • U8160 (u8160)
  • U8220 (u8220)
15. LG
  • G Pad 7 (v400)
  • G Pad 7 LTE (v410)
  • G Pad 8 (v480)
  • G Pad 8.3 (v500)
  • G2 (AT&T) (d800)
  • G2 (Canada) (d803)
  • G2 (Docomo)(GSM) (l01f)
  • G2 (Intl) (d802)
  • G2 (Sprint) (ls980)
  • G2 (T-Mobile) (d801)
  • G2 (Verizon) (vs980)
  • G2 Mini (g2m)
  • G3 (AT&T) (d850)
  • G3 (Canada) (d852)
  • G3 (Korea) (f400)
  • G3 (Sprint) (ls990)
  • G3 (T-Mobile) (d851)
  • G3 (Unlocked) (d855)
  • G3 (Verizon) (vs985)
  • G3 Beat (jagnm)
  • G3 S (jag3gds)
  • G4 (Intl) (h815)
  • G4 (T-Mobile) (h811)
  • myTouch (e739)
  • myTouch Q (c800)
  • Nitro HD / Optimus LTE 4G (p930)
  • Optimus 2X (p990)
  • Optimus 3D (p920)
  • Optimus 3D Max (p720)
  • Optimus 4X HD (p880)
  • Optimus Black (p970)
  • Optimus Chic (e720)
  • Optimus G (AT&T) (e970)
  • Optimus G (Canada) (e973)
  • Optimus G (Intl) (e975)
  • Optimus G (Sprint) (ls970)
  • Optimus G Pro (All e98x) (e980)
  • Optimus G Pro (deprecated) (e986)
  • Optimus Hub (e510)
  • Optimus L3 (e400)
  • Optimus L5 (e610)
  • Optimus L7 (p700)
  • Optimus L70 (w5)
  • Optimus L9 (p760)
  • Optimus L90 (w7)
  • Optimus LTE (SK Telecom) (su640)
  • Optimus Me (p350)
  • Optimus One (p500)
  • Optimus Pro (c660)
  • Optimus Sol (e730)
  • Spectrum (vs920)
  • Thrill 4G (p925)
  • V10 (T-Mobile) (h901)
16. Motorola
  • Atrix 4G (olympus)
  • Atrix HD (mb886)
  • Backflip (motus)
  • Cliq (morrison)
  • Cliq XT (zeppelin)
  • Defy (jordan)
  • Defy+ (jordan_plus)
  • Droid (sholes)
  • Droid 2 (droid2)
  • Droid 2 Global (droid2we)
  • Droid 2 World Edition (CDMA) (cdma_droid2we)
  • Droid 3 (solana)
  • Droid 4 (maserati)
  • Droid Bionic (targa)
  • Droid Razr (spyder)
  • Droid RAZR HD (CDMA) (xt926)
  • Droid RAZR M (xt907)
  • Droid Ultra/MAXX (obake)
  • Droid X (shadow)
  • Moto E (condor)
  • Moto E (2015) (otus)
  • Moto E LTE (2015) (surnia)
  • Moto G (falcon)
  • Moto G (2015) (osprey)
  • Moto G 2014 (titan)
  • Moto G 4G (peregrine)
  • Moto G 4G 2014 (thea)
  • Moto G4/G4 Plus (athene)
  • Moto MAXX (quark)
  • Moto X (Deprecated) (moto_msm8960dt)
  • Moto X 2013 (ghost)
  • Moto X 2013 (T-Mobile) (xt1053)
  • Moto X 2013 Developer Edition (xt1060)
  • Moto X 2014 (victara)
  • Moto X Play (lux)
  • Moto X Pure (2015) (clark)
  • MSM8960 Base (moto_msm8960)
  • MSM8960 JB Bootloader (moto_msm8960_jbbl)
  • Photon (sunfire)
  • Photon Q (xt897)
  • Photon Q (CDMA) (Deprecated) (xt897c)
  • Razr (umts_spyder)
  • RAZR HD (GSM) (xt925)
  • RAZR HD JB Bootloader (xt925_jbbl)
  • Xoom (GSM) (everest)
  • Xoom (Verizon) (stingray)
  • Xoom (Wi-Fi) (wingray)
17. Nextbit
  • Robin (ether)
18. Nvidia
  • Shield Portable (roth)
  • Shield Tablet (shieldtablet)
19. OnePlus
  • 2 (oneplus2)
  • 3 (oneplus3)
  • One (bacon)
  • X (onyx)
20. Oppo
  • Find 5 (find5)
  • Find 7a (find7)
  • Find 7s (find7s)
  • N1 (n1)
  • N3 (n3)
  • R5/R5s (Intl) (r5)
  • R7 Plus (r7plus)
21. Samsung
  • Captivate (captivatemtd)
  • Epic 4G (epicmtd)
  • Fascinate (fascinatemtd)
  • Galaxy Ace (cooper)
  • Galaxy Exhilarate (exhilarate)
  • Galaxy Express (AT&T) (expressatt)
  • Galaxy Fit (s5670)
  • Galaxy Mini (tass)
  • Galaxy Note (AT&T) (quincyatt)
  • Galaxy Note (Intl) (n7000)
  • Galaxy Note (T-Mobile) (quincytmo)
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 (GSM) (n8000)
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 (Verizon) (i925)
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 (Wi-Fi) (n8013)
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (LTE) (lt03lte)
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (Wi-Fi) (lt03wifi)
  • Galaxy Note 3 (Intl) (hltexx)
  • Galaxy Note 3 (Sprint) (hltespr)
  • Galaxy Note 3 (T-Mobile) (hltetmo)
  • Galaxy Note 3 (Unified) (hlte)
  • Galaxy Note 3 (US-Cellular) (hlteusc)
  • Galaxy note 3 (Verizon) (hltevzw)
  • Galaxy Note 4 (Intl) (trltexx)
  • Galaxy Note 4 (Sprint) (trltespr)
  • Galaxy Note 4 (T-Mobile) (trltetmo)
  • Galaxy Note 4 (US Cellular) (trlteusc)
  • Galaxy Note 8 (GSM) (n5100)
  • Galaxy Note 8 (LTE) (n5120)
  • Galaxy Note 8 (Wi-Fi) (n5110)
  • Galaxy Note II (AT&T) (t0lteatt)
  • Galaxy Note II (GSM LTE) (t0lte)
  • Galaxy Note II (GSM Non-LTE) (n7100)
  • Galaxy Note II (Sprint) (l900)
  • Galaxy Note II (T-Mobile) (t0ltetmo)
  • Galaxy Note II (US Cellular) (r950)
  • Galaxy Note II (Verizon) (i605)
  • Galaxy S II (Intl) (i9100)
  • Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) (hercules)
  • Galaxy S II Epic Touch (d710)
  • Galaxy S II SC-02C (sc02c)
  • Galaxy S II Skyrocket (skyrocket)
  • Galaxy S III (AT&T) (d2att)
  • Galaxy S III (Cricket) (d2cri)
  • Galaxy S III (GSM LTE) (i9305)
  • Galaxy S III (Intl) (i9300)
  • Galaxy S III (MetroPCS) (d2mtr)
  • Galaxy S III (Sprint) (d2spr)
  • Galaxy S III (T-Mobile) (d2tmo)
  • Galaxy S III (US Cellular) (d2usc)
  • Galaxy S III (US) (d2lte)
  • Galaxy S III (Verizon) (d2vzw)
  • Galaxy S III NEO (s3ve3g)
  • Galaxy S Relay 4G (apexqtmo)
  • Galaxy S4 (jflte)
  • Galaxy S4 (AT&T) (jflteatt)
  • Galaxy S4 (C Spire) (jfltecsp)
  • Galaxy S4 (Canada) (jfltecan)
  • Galaxy S4 (Cricket) (jfltecri)
  • Galaxy S4 (Intl) (jfltexx)
  • Galaxy S4 (non-LTE) (i9500)
  • Galaxy S4 (Sprint) (jfltespr)
  • Galaxy S4 (T-Mobile) (jfltetmo)
  • Galaxy S4 (US Cellular) (jflteusc)
  • Galaxy S4 (Verizon) (jfltevzw)
  • Galaxy S4 Active (Intl) (jactivelte)
  • Galaxy S4 LTE-A (ks01lte)
  • Galaxy S4 Mini (3G) (serrano3gxx)
  • Galaxy S4 Mini (Intl) (serranoltexx)
  • Galaxy S5 (klte)
  • Galaxy S5 (AU) (kltekdi)
  • Galaxy S5 (China) (kltechn)
  • Galaxy S5 (Korea) (kltekor)
  • Galaxy S5 (Sprint) (kltespr)
  • Galaxy S5 (US Cellular) (klteusc)
  • Galaxy S5 (Verizon) (kltevzw)
  • Galaxy S5 (Vodafone) (kltedv)
  • Galaxy S5 Duos (klteduos)
  • Galaxy S5 Duos (China) (kltechnduo)
  • Galaxy Tab (CDMA) (p1c)
  • Galaxy Tab (GSM) (p1)
  • Galaxy Tab (P1000L) (p1l)
  • Galaxy Tab (P1000N) (p1n)
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GSM) (p4)
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 (T-Mobile) (p4tmo)
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Verizon) (p4vzw)
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Wi-Fi) (p4wifi)
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1v (p3)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7 (GSM) (p3100)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7 (Wi-Fi) (p3110)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7 (Wi-Fi+IR) (p3113)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 / Tab 2 10.1 (unified, GSM) (espresso3g)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 / Tab 2 10.1 (unified, Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi + IR) (espressowifi)
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9 (GSM) (p5)
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9 (Wi-Fi) (p5wifi)
  • Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 (Wi-Fi) (picassowifi)
  • Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (mondrianwifi)
  • Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (Wi-Fi) (chagallwifi)
  • Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (LTE) (klimtlte)
  • Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (Wi-Fi) (klimtwifi)
  • Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (LTE) (gts210ltexx)
  • Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (Wi-Fi) (gts210wifi)
  • Galaxy Tab2 10.1 (GSM) (p5100)
  • Galaxy Tab2 10.1 (Wi-Fi) (p5110)
  • Galaxy Tab2 10.1 (Wi-Fi+IR) (p5113)
  • Mesmerize (mesmerizemtd)
  • Showcase (showcasemtd)
  • Vibrant (vibrantmtd)
22. Smartfren
  • Andromax Q (rendang)
23. Sony
  • Xperia Arco S (hikari)
  • Xperia Ion (aoba)
  • Xperia L (taoshan)
  • Xperia M (nicki)
  • Xperia S (nozomi)
  • Xperia SP (huashan)
  • Xperia T (mint)
  • Xperia Tablet Z (pollux)
  • Xperia Tablet Z (Wi-Fi) (pollux_windy)
  • Xperia TX (hayabusa)
  • Xperia V (tsubasa)
  • Xperia Z (yuga)
  • Xperia Z Ultra (togari)
  • Xperia Z Ultra (GPE) (togari_gpe)
  • Xperia Z1 (honami)
  • Xperia Z1 Compact (amami)
  • Xperia Z2 (sirius)
  • Xperia Z2 Tablet (LTE) (castor)
  • Xperia Z2 Tablet (Wi-Fi) (castor_windy)
  • Xperia Z3 (z3)
  • Xperia Z3 Compact (z3c)
  • Xperia Z3 Dual (z3dual)
  • Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (LTE) (scorpion)
  • Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (Wi-Fi) (scorpion_windy)
  • Xperia ZL (odin)
  • Xperia ZR (dogo)
24. Sony Ericsson
  • Live with Walkman (coconut)
  • Xperia Active (satsuma)
  • Xperia Arc / Arc S (anzu)
  • Xperia Mini (smultron)
  • Xperia Mini Pro (mango)
  • Xperia Neo (hallon)
  • Xperia Neo V (haida)
  • Xperia Play (CDMA) (zeusc)
  • Xperia Play (GSM) (zeus)
  • Xperia Pro (iyokan)
  • Xperia Ray (urushi)
  • Xperia X10 Mini (robyn)
  • Xperia X10 Mini Pro (mimmi)
  • Xperia X8 (shakira)
25. T-Mobile
  • G2 / HTC Desire Z (vision)
  • G2x (p999)
  • myTouch 3G Slide (espresso)
  • myTouch 4G (glacier)
  • myTouch 4G Slide (doubleshot)
26. ViewSonic
  • G Tablet (smb_a1002)
  • G Tablet (harmony)
27. Wileyfox
  • Spark (porridge)
  • Spark X (porridgek3)
  • Storm (kipper)
  • Swift (crackling)
28. Wingtech
  • Redmi 2 (wt88047)
29. Xiaomi
  • Mi Max (hydrogen)
  • Mi2 (aries)
  • Mi3w and Mi4 (cancro)
  • Mi4i (ferrari)
  • Mi5 (gemini)
  • Redmi 1S (armani)
  • Redmi 3/Prime (ido)
  • Redmi Note 3 (kenzo)
  • Redmi Note 7 Pro,
  • Redmi Note 6
  • Redmi Note 6 Pro
30. YU
  • Yureka (tomato) (Discontinued)
  • Yutopia (sambar) (Discontinued)
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  1. Thumbs up ..video created , good luck with the site ..

  2. Will this be sent to the CyanogenMod update channels or will I have to manually download the images?

    1. You will get the images soon but not very soon !

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    Hope you will provide latest updates for Sony Xperia M (Nicky).

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    1. It will take a little time ! like our page for future update !It will take a little time ! like our page for future update !

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    Cherry mobile flare s3 power
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    1. that's imposible but LineageOS will support it OFFICIALLY in Cherry mobile one and Myphone Uno

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  15. Lg l3 e400. Seriously? This list is Real? This phone is 380MB ram and doesnt has cm9 stable.

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  17. Please stop spreading misinformation; things are hard enough as it is. You just copied the list of all devices ever supported by cm off the download.cyanogenmod.org page. No, cm7 devices aren't going to be supported by Lineage 14.1.

  18. Allo Coolpad brands, especially Coolpad Mega 2.5D

  19. Replies
    1. Just contact the Developer and The porter of your device* hehe i think there are no official rom in J series

  20. Boom!! Cheerrs to The Myphone Uno/Cherry Mobile One/Cherry Mobile One G1!! They're Sprout/Seed devices! haha from PH

  21. Boom!! Cheerrs to The Myphone Uno/Cherry Mobile One/Cherry Mobile One G1!! They're Sprout/Seed devices! haha from PH

  22. Thanks for the support to moto g 2014(titan) and congratulations for the new project :D

  23. Alcatel idol 3 5.5 por favor la compartiré con varios amigos que lo tienen


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  26. This is amazing! So i've got a Moto G currently running the latest CyanogenMOD (Build date 20th Dec, Patch level 1st Dec, version 13.0-20161220). Am I right in thinking that at some point in the future, I can just update my device and it will bring down Lineage OS? Or will I need to manually download and install the ROM myself? I'm kinda hoping that Lineage OS will be pushed down via the update feature in CyanogenMOD. That would be amazing!! Thanks guys for all your hard work in keeping old phones alive!

    1. My Moto G is the very original Moto G. I think it's called 'Falcon'

  27. Why there is no support for Swipe elite plus and Huawei honor bee

    1. Your Device will get unofficial support for sure :)

  28. Can we upgrade straight to LineageOS or we have to fresh install? What about Gapps and Moto camera?

    1. The installation process will be same as other rom you need a custom recovery and gapps for lineageos also. [Root required]

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    Exynos version too.

  33. You will be so amazing if you add Samsung Grand Prime g531h in your list. :). You should be sure that I am going to share with my friends.

  34. I need lineage os for huawei ascend p7-L10...

  35. I need lineage os for Asus Zenfone2 laser (ze500kl)
    CyanogenMod rom is not available to this model.So I hope lineage will gave this one a rom. Plz give a rom to this asus model.

  36. Hey i was wondering if you guys have any idea on how to unlock the Galaxy S4 (Verizon) (jfltevzw) GOF1 bootloader?

  37. Make a rom for xiaomi redmi 4 prime please!!

  38. Can I get an official upadate for Asus zenfone laser 2 ze500kl

  39. i'm happy to see my device on this list :P But i never forget CM :( Cm7-cm14 :'(

  40. Will it ever support Philips phones?>

  41. What about the phones that already have cyanogenmod?

  42. Official support for Samsung S4 Mini Duos (GT-I9192) would be awesome!

  43. Will MOTO G 2015 (Merlin) get it?

  44. Samsung Galaxy s5 neo still dont get it ehh

  45. waiting update for redmi note 3 pro(KENZO) . great news

  46. I saw Desire 816 Dual SIM but how about HTC Desire 820u Dual SIM (Snapdragon 615) ?

  47. Is there any rom for htc desire 700 dual sim , i need rom android 4.4 for it

  48. why not work for all machines rom samsung

  49. Sad that cm is dead but happy that it is not completely dead welcome lineage os to xiaomi note 3 kenzo

    One day i will also join u all devs

  50. Lenovo K3 Note please made for it

  51. Samsung Galaxy s5 neo still dont get it ehh

  52. very good, thanks a lot. But I can not see asus zenfone5.
    Actually there are many users from this device. We expect support from you.

  53. I hope you get much famous then cyanogen i follow you since the begining now having bq M5 (piccolo) glad to now for the support. Thanks a lot! I Will support you to! Thanks in advance

  54. Samsung J2 (SM-J200G) India...
    Please build a ROM fro this. There are lot of people in india using this phone, so it would put a mesmerizing impression on LINEAGE in them.
    So please.....

  55. please Samsung Grand Prime (SM-G531H)

  56. source for this claim or will you remove my post again?

  57. ysss, I will Get Update on Micromax'YU Yureka plus with lineage os based on cyanogen os...

  58. xiaomi redmi note 4 please... i love #cynogenmod rom and i can't believe that my phone does not use cynogenmod ROM

  59. Hello,
    Will there be support for the Huawei P8 Lite ALE-L21 in the near future?

  60. Xiaomi redmi 2 is waiting for your support like what CM done :(

  61. So nothing has changed. Where is the Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime.

  62. Where is the Xiaomi Mi4C ?? :( I'm Still Waiting It

  63. Please provide rom for Redmi note Prime(gucci)

  64. so sad that will no longer cyanogenmod 15 in the future

  65. redmi 3s/prime/3x pls bring up the ROM for this device.

  66. xiaomi redmi note 2 (hermes) please

  67. Replies
    1. Yes we want ROM Lineage OS from LeEco Le Max 2


    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and thanks in advance :)

  69. Xiaomi mi5s Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  70. Leneage Os For ZTE Nubai Z9 mini plzzz! I'm requesting from 1 year! Plzzz plzzz plzzz!!!

  71. Samsung Galaxy S Duos (GT-S7562)

    "An old cheap smartphone with decent enough camera. It would boost its potential if you made it a Custom ROM despite it being a cheap phone. It also has an Unofficial CM11 on xda"

  72. Gracias por la nueva ROM lineageOS para el samsung galaxy SII T-Mobile Hércules

  73. Thanks for the new ROM lineageOS for the Samsung Galaxy SII T-Mobile Hércules

  74. Time is like a water body that is always potent with current, no water passes beneath one’s feet two times, just like the sea, moments don’t pass you by again, so cherish every moment that life introduces to you.
    A new year is equal to a blank canvas, and the paint brush is in none other than your own hands. Paint away and create a beautiful picture for yourself.

    I wish you and your family a Happiest New Year.

  75. Release a build for Younique(jalebi) pls

  76. Sup lineageos team, when i first saw cyanogenmod, i was astounded by what it could do! But since cyanogenmod is dead, theres no use. But im glad that the team wasnt stopped by it. I wish good luck to you.

    I need a lineageos rom for oppo neo 7 (a33f) 4g version which uses an qualcomm snapdragon 400 instead of the mediatek processor used in the 3g model. If you need someone to test the rom for neo 7, you can count me in.

    1. Edit:it uses Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 chipset and quadcore cortex-a53 processor at 1.2 ghz and it has 1 gb ram. And its also the latest in oppo neo line of phones

  77. Xiaomi Resmi 1S (Armani) on LineageOS 14.1 that's Good.

  78. Hello
    A Build for Samsung Galaxy A3(2016)[SM-A310F] with the version 4 cores and alternative patched 8 cores cores.
    Best Regards

  79. LeEco le 1s eco , model number le x509

  80. Leeco Le 2 (x526: snapdragon 652)

    We really need your ROM for this device...

  81. there's ma little boy armani
    We all support you senor

  82. Por favor, tem alguma chance de disponobilizarem uma ROM para o Samsung Galaxy SIII mini Gt-I8190l? Desde já agradeço pelo ótimo trabalho de vocês.

  83. Can you please make a ROM for samsung galaxy A5 (2016). Thanks

  84. Can u Please Add Rom for Micromax Canvas Spark Q380.

  85. Pleaseeeeeee Samsung Galaxy J2 (J200M)

  86. Asus zenfone 5 (a500cg) pleaseee
    Thank you so muchh

  87. Please support the Samsung galaxy s4 active (Gt-i9295) Thank you! Waiting for the support!

  88. I am using Zuk Z1 (ham) on cm 12.1;
    How my zuk have lineage rom?
    Officially or unofficially?
    Can i get ota update? Else i have to manually? Please tell..

    1. Right now there is unofficial linage os for Zuk Z1 here you have to install it manually and root is require with custom recovery.

  89. hey plzzz make a Lineage Rom for Honor 4C CHM UO1 Ur ROM is great It is very beautiful

  90. Plz make for lenovo vibe X3a40 i have already installed twrp and rooted

  91. Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro/Prime Please........

  92. when i will get lineage os for zuk z1?Date plz! I'm waiting for it.

  93. +1 for Xiaomi mi5 (known as gemini)

  94. Preise make a Lineage ROM for the Samsung SM-T580. The Stock ROM is awfully.

  95. please add Redmi 3s Prime (Land)

  96. How long will the gemini's appear?

  97. Please, add the galaxy j1 sm j120h

  98. There is no ROM for Motorola Moto g3 turbo edition (merlin)....😥

  99. Can you do the rom for Cherry 4x/g620s
    Thanks in advance!

  100. Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) (Hércules)

  101. hey, please make a Lineage Rom for Samsung Galaxy Alpha (SM-G850F)

  102. please add zenfone 2 lazer ZE500KL

  103. Does anybody has download link to "Galaxy S4 (T-Mobile) (jfltetmo)" (SGH-M919)

  104. In the future Will have for Zenfone Selfie Zoot ?

  105. Quando chega pro moto x 2013(ghost) ?

  106. Redmi 3s/3x please. big thanks :)

  107. Please add RedMi Note2/hermes. thanks :)

  108. Nexus 5 (hammerhead) is the best phone i experienced i want to continue my experience in that phone so i would like to install lineageos rom in my nexus 5 for further extended android experience like nougat 7 features. Thanks for doing this to all the team of lineageos it is really a big thing you guys sticking together and helping so many people to experience their mobiles in different and updated os.

  109. Please Release Official or Unofficial Custom ROM for vivo Y31L. Because Funtouch OS make this device slowly than standard UI Android. I hope Lineage OS or CyanogenMod based Android Lollipop 5.1.1 or latest Android Nougat 7.1.1 released for vivo Y31L.

  110. Need official lineage ROM 7.1 for Xperia m(nicki)

  111. New official Lineage OS ROM 7.1.1 for Galaxy S III (AT&T)(d2att) please...

    Thank you for giving a new life to older phones !

  112. Good job to everyone (Galaxy S5 klte)

  113. saludos.. para alcaltel pixi 4 5045A.. no tienen?? o para cuando??

  114. Why not support xiaomi mi4c? This model has sold more than eight million copies. Please add it to the list too

  115. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G361F

  116. YU Yureka.. Currently Running on cm13..

    1. https://forum.xda-developers.com/yureka/orig-development/rom-lineageos-14-1-t3532578

  117. [ROM][tomato][VoLTE][7.1.1]LineageOS-14.1[STABLE][20170105]
    this is for yu yureka based on android 7.1.1

    1. ROM: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=529152257862693150
      GAPP: "arm x64 7.1 nano" download it from openapp.org
      flash both file respectively
      then you go....

    2. if you want VOLTE in rom then flash modem first by given link below
      modem volte: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8Vodzmhc0GlXzdtOUFjb29EOFU/view

      method to flash

      boot into fastboot


      fastboot -i 0x1ebf flash modem NON-HLOS.bin

  118. Piease add gemini's.I'm still using the last Cyanogen for gemini and waiting for the Lineage. Thanks.

  119. Please add gemini's.There are many still using the Cyanogen for gemini and waiting for the Lineage.Thankyou.

  120. para o galaxy J7 não vai ter suporte???