In this article, we will show you How to add multiple account in LineageOS. The process of adding any second of your google account is quite easy and straightforward. In today’s world,everyone has two gmail account for personal use & for business use.If you really wanna know,how can then just proceed further.

Well, In order to set up an Android device we must have a Google account to continue and later on we can add multiple Google accounts on device. But some people may don’t know the process of adding a multiple google account on the android device.So our team decided to make a tutorial for our readers on How to add multiple Google accounts in Lineage OS.

How to add multiple google accounts in Lineage OS?

1.To add two google accounts in LineageOS, first of all, you have to go to your mobile’s settings.

2.Scroll down and under personal tab you see an option called ‘Accounts‘.
3.When you tap on Accounts, you will see all of your accounts which you have added in your mobile. Just scroll down and tap on ‘Add an Account‘.
4.Once you click on Add an account, It will show all of your apps where you have signed in, simply click on Google.

5.Draw or type your home screen pattern or password/pin to continue.
6.On the next screen, it will ask you type your email and password.
7.Just type in there your existing Google account email and password.
8.After writing email and password, click on accept.
9.Done !!
You have successfully added two google account in the single android device.

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