If you installed lineage os rom 14.1 and when you trying to access external sd card I get error: "can't access try with advanced root permission" even if root access is enabled and root is accessible.

How to Fix Common Bugs Lineage OS line no sd card error, alarm bug, Google play server error.lineage os: CyanogenMod was the biggest, most widely used custom Android ROM. Now, it has been discontinued, due in part to internal conflicts within Cyanogen Inc. A new fork of CyanogenMod called Lineage OS is taking up the mantle, and it will keep most of what you loved about CyanogenMod.

There are two method of fixing this problem
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Method 1: Download ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer File Manager allows you to manage your all kind of files easily on your Android tablet or phone. The default inbuilt gallery of Android isn't a good solution to access and manage files and you need a third-party powerful file management solution to manage files stored on the SD card of your device and on the internal storage.

ES File Explorer File Manager is a feature-rich solution to manage files on the go. Some cool features of this amazing app are listed below:

Download ES File Explorer

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Method 2: Through TWRP Recovery.

It has been reported that deleting the '.android_secure' folder on the external sdcard (eg. via twrp) fixes the issue. 

So you have to boot into TWRP recovery and then delete this '.android_secure' folder from there then reboot your device.

This will do the trick if this still not works then follow below method.

Within the app I managed to rename android_secure folder and now I can access from the bookmark page as it should normally.
To rename the folder I had to access /mnt/media_rw/77B8-1D11 instead of the not working /storage/77B8-1D11

after renaming android_secure all is working ok.
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  1. Deleting in twrp works for me.thx for tip

    1. Bro what is the path of android_secure file? ? i didnt find such file

  2. I don't know what relly happened but I factory reset red my device from TWRP, before that I had formatted my sd card as internal memory and after factory resetting I formatted it as portable and it worked like normal again. Thank You. I hope it works on other devices too.


  3. After installing Lineage ROM on my dior device. When i open gallery app it don't show any photos and videos which are on internal storage(No external SD Card). Also file manager dont show images and videos in its images... section. I need to go to the path to access that file.
    Music app also dont access to audio files and storage space is running out. Anyone have solution????

  4. You can see their point by point data and make alternate routes for them a. Similarly as an undertaking chief can do,it can see the running applications' sizes, execute them and view their point by point data. es file explorer pro apk

  5. Thanks for the help! I was having an issue with this and your advice worked perfectly. Get Appvn

  6. Trying to delete the folder via TWRP gives me ERROR 1. Why?

  7. Thanks for the help! I was having an issue with this and your advice worked perfectly

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    mod the android
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