If you are trying to flash official lineage os rom on you device via Twrp but if it showing error "error 7" then you can try following steps to fix this error.

There can various problem that can give Error 7 while installing lineage os rom.

How to fix Error 7 while installing LineageOS.

The most common reasons for this error are:

1.You are trying to install a build for a different device. You need to make sure you download the zip for the correct device *and* variant

2.You are attempting to migrate from an unofficial build to LineageOS. To do this, you need to flash the migration zip, marked as ‘experimental’

3.Your vendor/modem/bootloader is too old (or maybe too new). Flash the correct stock image for your device, before wiping data and attempting to install LineageOS again. This information should be listed on the device’s wiki page.

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So these are the three major cause of error 7 problem if you tried all the steps and still it is not fixed then I prefer you to factory reset your device.

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  1. Esse catalogo poderia ser mais fluido, ao invés de por o nome da copilação, colocar uma imagem do dispositivo que ao clicar nessa imagem, seria direcionado para o Download.

  2. Got this error 7 when updating from 20170305-unofficial-flo to 20170404-nightly-flo first I tryed a dirty flash only wiping data got this error ... after wiping everything (without internal.. ) and reflashing 0404 + installing gapps worked ... everything fine :-) Thanks

  3. where is the download link for experimental rom for yureka ? please send the links

  4. how can we enable volte in official builds of lineage

  5. See http://www.lineageosdownloads.com/fix-error-7-lineage-os/