Are You Facing Google Play Services error while installing gapps on Lineage OS Nougat 7.0 or CM13 marshmallow 6.0 Or Parsing error while installing gapps? Google Play services are the important part of any Android device without this you can’t install play store, Google Play games, Gmail account as well as other Google applications.
You might be getting Google play services error at the time of flashing Gapps.But now you can easily fix this error by following simple steps given below.But make sure this error does not occur due to particular rom only.
Google Play Services error fix
This error of Google Play services occurs due to improper Google Webview implementation or if there is not Google web view installed in your device.So now we know the problem due to which Google Play services occur,so we can fix this error by enabling or reinstalling the Google Web view application.

How to Fix Google Play Services error on Lineage OS

1.Re-flash your Lineage OS 14.1 rom on your device but this time don’t flash gapps after it.
2.Now boot your device without installing Gapps.
3.Once Booted Enable developer option on your phone.
4.Go to Settings, in About Phone, press Build Number, until it appears that you are a developer.
5.Back to settings, in Developer Options, go to WebView Implementation.
6.If WebView is not available then download according to the architecture of your mobile from here 

7.Once downloaded just install the WebView on your device.
8.Again go back to SettingsDeveloper Options -> WebView Implementation, and select “Google WebView.”
That’s all that you have to do.Google Play Services error will be fixed after you have performed the above steps correctly.If you fixed it with any other way then you share your trick below.
Google play service may also crash due to buggy lineageos rom.

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  1. Hi there,

    I am a oneplus1 user. I have installed this ROM successfully. However I cannot correctly install the google play store (maybe the google play service?). There is no error warning. The google play store just doesn't show any information with a blank screen. Could you help me please? I have followed above processes as well.


    1. ok, i think i cannot install google play service correctly. the service info still says invalid or incomplete. i have already change to google view.

  2. I think the newer version of the google play service cannot work. Maybe the older one will work.

  3. Thanks for the info. I could never get Google Play to work all along in my Samsung SGH-T989 (S2).It was just showing a white blank screen all the time. If followed the above instructions and it worked like a charm! Back to business.

  4. You can download the Android web view without reinstalling​ lineage ROM . Download the andriod
    Web view go to settings, in Developer Options, go to WebView Implementation.and select Google web view

    1. Amazing, saved me a whole lot of work. Kudos to you mate!

    2. Yes, brilliant, that worked perfectly. Had to download the last APK of Webview first but all problems over :) thank you!

  5. hello, I have a question about google play and apps, I installed Nightowl-lineage14.1-beta6-n7000, then (armeabi-v7a) (nodpi) . Unfortunately, I do not have any googlu apps on my phone, but if I sign in via the web, all my apps tell me they're installed and I do not have them on my phone. Nor google play or similar. Can someone tell me what else I thank

  6. That really worked thanks man! I am on lineage os 14.1 on my nexus 6, play services was constantly crashing and hence couldn't add my google account and as such no google app was working now its working just fine.

  7. There does not seem to be a Webview Implementation menu item in Lineage OS 13.

    1. dont see that option as well

    2. Yeah. Same here.
      Anyone knows which older version of gapps works with Lineage 13?
      Thank you.

  8. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for suggesting this solution. God bless you.

  9. Does not work on my oneplus3t, gapps continually freeze very consistently on the phone, crash, and this includes the lineage messaging app (google messaging somehow failed to load from the FULL aroma gapps installer).

  10. Tapping Build date won't enable developer mode. Any suggestions?

  11. Hello, I'm also getting this problem having just flashed LineageOS 14.1. I'm also getting error messages about various services stopping but tapping on Build number won't enable developer mode.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  12. hello pls help
    when i select web view implementation,there is only aosp web view.
    what to do?

  13. hey update
    when i select google web view browser does not open.
    what to do after selecting google weview?

  14. I have a problem, i have a Samsung I9195 (S4 mini) and i have Lineage 14.1
    I have Open Gapps for android 7.1 pico
    The system works great, until a few days.
    Google play services just crashed and i can´t go to settings because i have the "Google play services isn´t working" pop up and i can´t do anything.
    I don´t want to re-flash my cellphone because i don´t have any backup of the files and the info.
    what can i do?

  15. Hey there
    I have a problem with my phone.
    I have a Samsung I9195 (S4 Mini) and im using Lineage 14.1 (Android 7.1)
    I have the Open GApps Arm 7.1 Pico
    And the system works great, until a few days.
    Google play services just crashed and i can´t do anything, i can´t go to settings because the "Google Play Services isn´t working" Pop up don´t let me in.
    What can i do?
    I don´t want to re-flash my phone because i don´t have a backup of the files and the phone numbers.

  16. hey i installed lineage os 14 and i install the gappps but when i want to open idk google play it say google play stopps.same on other gapps like google search...