We will show you from here you can find the Lineageos OTA updated zip file through file manager.Here is the location of the downloaded zip file.

Location of downloaded OTA zip of lineageos ?


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by navigating to this location you can get the downloaded update zip file.

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  1. Good afternoon. What about s5 mini g800h update to 41.1 .thanks
    Good luck

  2. I suppose, your phone has to be rooted to get access to this file. Am I right? Is there any possibility to chage the path? My phone is not rooted. Thank you.

  3. https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/168263/where-does-lineageos-store-update-files/182952#182952

    1. This is the updated location after August 31st, 2017 updates

  4. new location is /data/lineageos_updates