This is a very good news for those who are not a android lover as Google has already started working for its all new OS for smartphones and tablets.According to some reports, the new OS will be called as Fuchsia OS.  This OS will be based on its very own search own kernel ‘Magenta.’
Image result for Fuchsia OSIf you want it on your device you can get it install by the apk which is in the end of this article.It will give a idea of the upcoming OS and things that will you get in it.It is a demo only.Armadillo will be called as the default system UI for Fuchsia OS.One more interseting thing is that  Armadillo and other Fuchsia apps are built on Google Flutter SDK.All the apps bsed on it,can be use on any platform whether it is IOS or Android or Fuchsia OS.

In Armadillo’s UI, you can use multitasking by pressing a card for a few minutes.You also find some incomplete applications task.In the bottom of the app, you will find User profile.At the present we will take as a pinch of salt.

Here are the some screenshots of the demo app.

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  1. Hey galaxy j500f dual sim not wrking properly and also data not wrking properly