Download Google Pixel 2 2017 live wallpapers for lineage os 13, 14, 15 now available for download for all device / arm64 devices.You can download Pixel 2 live wallpapers.apk from the link in the download section.If your device lags after installing pixel 2 live wallpapers then it might not be for your device.

Download Pixel Wallpapers 2017

LocationsA walk in the clouds, Hawaii
Claiming coastline, Lagos
Flying above, Monument Valley
Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, CA
Hidden fires, Mount Vesuvius
Hint of salt, Salar de Uyuni

Glimmer of colour as you move.Glimmer, Candy
Glimmer, Cream
Glimmer, Dazzling Blue
Glimmer, Early Morning
Glimmer, Midnight Blue
Glimmer, Purple Haze

Touch these adaptable screens to reshape the gooey patterns.Gooey, Liquorice
Gooey, Marshmallow
Gooey, Mint
Gooey, Orange Crush
Gooey, Vanilla Chews
Gooey, Voilet Dream

Space and PlanetsMarvellous marble Fixed
Moon shot
Planet red
World comes to you Fixed

Touch wind patterns swirl and twirl in real time, based on your location.Windy, Blue
Windy, Blush
Windy, Midnight
Your whirled, Sky blue
Your whirled, Sunset
Your whirled, Turquoise


- Android 6.0+ support by adding methods from support library.
- Added missing libraries to make it working on other devices.
- Currently, available for arm64 devices only. Please install the arm64 version from the downloads section.
- Some devices may still have OpenGL issues (Mali GPU on Android 6.0) like missing shaders in Gooey and Your Whirled wallpapers. It can only be fixed by modifying shaders which is not possible yet.

How to install Google Pixel 2 Live wallpapers on any device

- It will not replace the Live Earth Wallpapers as the package name is different. So, you can install all the wallpapers (from Pixel and Pixel 2) together.

1. Uninstall any previous apk otherwise, signature conflict will occur.
2. Download the apk from below section.
3. Install it as normal app using any file manager or via adb.
4. Select from different live wallpapers. Wallpapers > Live wallpapers >
On some devices/ROMs (like Samsung, etc.), please install Google Wallpapers to set live wallpapers.


1.Pixel Wallpapers 2017 Mirror 6.0+ All devices
2.Pixel Wallpapers 2017 Mirror 6.0+ ARM64 only
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