Is your smartphone’s battery draining very fast? Is your phones battery drains automatically? We were also facing the fast battery draining issue in our smartphones so then we have research about it and then we found some bad things in our phone which are draining the battery regularly. 

Then we listed those things and fixed them after that the battery drain issue in our phone is solved. And now we are going to share those fixes with you with the help of this article we hope you will also fix battery drain issue in Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone. So let us list those fixes below and we will explain the fixes how to fix battery drain issue in Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone. 

How to fix battery drain issue in Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone

1. Clear cache

2. Turn off auto brightness

3. Reduce screen on time

4. Remove Useless applications

5. Only use updated apps

6. Don’t use any battery saver app

7. Remove widgets from background apps

8. Replace your battery

9. Go to service center

Lets start with steps that we can try to fix battery draining issue.

1. Clear cache: 

Clearing cache will help you solving the battery draining issue just go to settings>storage>clear cache. This will clear all the useless cache files which are draining the battery of your phone.

2.Turn off auto brightness: 

This will reduce the battery draining issue. Most smartphones nowadays come with an Auto Brightness setting that, as the name suggests, automatically sets the brightness level of the display by detecting the lighting condition. If you are looking to extend your battery life, manually setting the brightness to a lower level makes quite a big difference in this regard. Unless you absolutely have to bump up the display brightness, keeping it low is a good idea.

3.Reduce screen on time: 

It's a well-known fact that the display is one of the biggest sources of battery drain on an Android phone, so managing it is crucial to its longevity. The "screen-timeout" or "sleep" setting determines how long your display will stay awake for after it has been engaged with; if your screen remains on while you aren't looking at it, it's wasting precious battery life. Best to set it to the lowest value you are comfortable with in regular use, and only change it when you need to.

Don't to worry about apps which require the screen to be on permanently while in use, like games or eBook readers, they know to stay awake no matter what your setting is.

4. Remove useless applications: 

If you have some useless apps installed in your phone so please remove them they also drain your phone’s battery in background.

5. Only use updated apps: 

If you don’t update your apps regularly please go and update them now because it is very useful to use updated apps in a smartphone. Just go to the play store or app store and update your apps.

6.Don’t use any battery saver app: 

Don’t use any 3rd party battery saver app nowadays every smartphone has its own management system smartphone has built in battery saver features so you don’t need to install any 3rd party app they reduce our battery performance and battery life.

7.Remove widgets from background apps: 

Check if there is any widget is placed on your home screen which is useless please remove it from there. It drains the battery.

8.Replace your battery: 

If nothing works for you try replacing your battery with a new one we hope this will work for you otherwise read our next tip.

9. Go to service center

At last if nothing will work for you and your battery is still draining we recommend you that please go to the service center and get your phone repaired with the company.
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