Hello guys, are you facing slow charging issues on your smartphone? Today we are going to tell you 10 ways to charge your phone faster and how to fix slow charging issues on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphone.

There are so many reasons why your smartphone is charging slowly. We have researched a lot and today we are here with our 10 tips to fix slow charging in your smartphone. So without wasting the time let’s get started with the points.

Follow these tips and we hope you will surely fix those slow charging issues on your phone or tablet. There are many factors responsible for slow charging of your Android smartphone, we have highlighted the most common ones. Perform the steps mentioned below until your problem is sorted.

How to Fix Slow Charging Issue in XYZ Smartphone

1. Replace the charging cable

2. Use safe mode while charging

3. Buy a new charger

4. Avoid charging from laptop or PC

5. Don’t use your phone while charging

6. Replace your phone battery

7. Check your software updates

8. Stop background apps

9. Check your USB port

10. Go to service center

1.Replace the charging cable:
Many times, it is the micro-USB to USB cable that is the culprit. These cables lose their efficiency over time and therefore can’t provide enough current (amperage) to charge the phone/device. Change the Micro-USB to cable. Either purchase a new one or borrow the one that’s being used on another device. If you are using iPhone, change the lightning cable.

Tip: When purchasing cables, always go for slightly thicker ones (higher gauge). They can transfer high current without breaking down.

2. Use safe mode while charging: 

You might want to try starting up the phone in "Safe Mode". You won't be able to access most apps in it, but you can see if the battery charges faster. If it does, then you definitely have an app (or virus or malware) on the device that is causing the drain/slowness.

To get into "Safe Mode" please do the following.
1. First turn off the phone.

2. Next press and hold "Power" until you see the manufacturer’s logo on the screen, then release the power button.

3. "Quickly" press "Volume Down" and hold it for few seconds until you see the message "Safe mode: ON" or something similar.

4. If you wanted to disable it, simply repeat the steps above, and you should see "Safe Mode: OFF" rather than on.

3. Buy a new charger: 

If changing the charging cable doesn’t work. It’s time to change the charger. Variety of USB based chargers available in the market are of low quality, so getting a good charger is a bit challenging.

A good charger must have following specifications:
5v 2.0A – This is the standard. Get a charger which has an output of at least 2.0 ampere. Read the information written on the front/back of the charger.
Avoid chargers with detachable USB cables, their ports/connections become lose after frequent usage. It is better to get a charger with fixed micro-USB output.

4. Avoid charging from laptop or PC:

While they can charge your device using USB ports, it is still not the best idea to do so. USB ports on Computers are meant for transferring data, they do not enough current for a device to charge. Hence, slow charging.

Output current for USB in ideal scenario:
USB 2.0 can provide up to 500mA
USB 3.0 can provide up to 900mA

If you don’t have a charger nearby and using PC USB port as a last resort. It would be great if you connect your device to a USB 3.0 (blue) port.

5. Don’t use your phone while charging: 

Using your phone while charging may put a negative impact on your Android’s battery life. It puts the battery under heavy load and causes the device to heat up. Do these things before you put your phone to charge: 

Close/End all the applications that are running
Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS
Put your Smartphone Airplane mode, it will turn off all the wireless/cellular connectivity. Only do this if you’re not expecting any communication.

6. Replace your phone battery: 

If your device is a year old and it quickly drains the battery after a long charging session. Chances are your device battery is dying a slow painful death. Get a new battery from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). If they discontinued the production of phone/battery. Don’t worry, you can still find replica batteries. Proceed with caution though.

7. Check your software updates: 

If you recently upgraded your device’s operating system through System Update (i.e. Android Marshmallow) and experiencing quick battery drain or slow charging. It means the new OS is buggy or incompatible with your device. Look for steps to downgrade the version or wait for a bug fix patch.

8. Stop background apps: 

Although your screen is the number one battery sucker, you might have some sneaky apps running in the background that are constantly draining power, causing your phone to charge slower. In addition to charging sluggishly, does your phone also feel like it runs through its battery life faster than it used to? If so, this may be your issue. Apps in Android often boot themselves up or run in the background after only being opened for a moment. Although this used to be a bigger problem than it currently is–Android is getting better and better at efficiently managing resources–having a rogue app or two can give your phone’s performance a nasty hit.

The easiest solution here is to grab a good task manager and check it frequently to see what’s running when it shouldn’t be. When you locate a misbehaving app, try uninstalling it and see if your battery life and charge speed is improved over the next few days.

9. Check your USB port:

This is what we were hoping it wasn’t. If you’ve made it this far, and your phone still isn’t charging correctly, then you may have broken or bent a pin inside your phone’s USB port. At this point, you should really consider taking your phone to a professional for repair. If you got insurance from your cellular provider, then you may be able to get this issue repaired for cheap or free. Take your phone to a shop and get a quote on a repair job.

10. Go to service center: 

If nothing works for you and your phone is still slow charging then we will recommend that please go to the service center and get your phone repaired with the company team.

And if this article helps you and now your phone is charging normally then please let us know in comment section below.
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