How to root Bluestack 4 on mac or windows. Bluestacks can be defined as an Android Emulator that will transfer the experience of your Android mobile to your PC or desktop, no matter it is a Window or Mac. You will get the ability to run Android apps on your computer screen. You can simply run Android OS with this emulator without any problem on any computer or laptop.
Bluestacks 4 root on Windows or Mac [Working]

The Bluestacks 4 root is the upgraded version of this emulator that offer far better experience than previous ones. If you want to root it, then this is the best post that you can find in the internet world. This device simply works as a virtual Android device for your personal computer.
Bluestacks 4 root

Steps to root bluestacks 4 on Windows or Mac
There are two different methods through which you can root bluestacks 4 Windows or Mac without anything to worry. We will explain each of them in detail so that you can make a choice as per convenience. Check them carefully and then choose one that suits you the best.
Bluestacks 4 root Using Kingroot
how to root Bluestacks 4

First of all, you have to download and install the kingroot app on your device. This app is easy to install and doesn’t take much time.

In this step, you have to run this app in the bluestacks 4. You can do that by clicking on the app’s icon in the emulator.
Here, you have to wait for some seconds until you a green checkmark flash on your screen.
After that, you need to reboot the bluestacks app that is extremely easy to perform.
In order to verify the rooting procedure, the root checker needs to be downloaded and installed. It is easily available in the Google Play Store. All you need to do is search it on the menu.
Congratulations, you have successfully completed the process to root bluestacks 4 on the computer.
Root Bluestack 4 Using BS helper tool

Firstly, you have to install the root checker for checking it in the bluestacks.

In this step, the BS Helper Tool is needed to be downloaded. Make sure the process gets completed without any disturbance.
The downloaded zip file needs to be unzipped to a different folder.

Here, you have to double tap for running the BS Helper file.
Once you tap on the file, a small application having some buttons will display on the screen.
Tap on option “Patch for Superuser X”. After clicking on the option, you have to wait for some time.
There will be a success message shown in the status bar after the procedure will end. Then, the Superuser X will be opened in the bluestacks 4 emulator.
After closing the tab, you have to check the main status with the help of Root Checker.
That’s all, you have completed the process to root bluestacks 4 on your computer.
What are the main advantages of the Bluestacks 4 root?

Bluestacks rooted
There are a plethora of advantages offered by the Bluestacks for the users that are explained below:
Enjoy better experience
The most wonderful benefits of installing this emulator are that you will be allowed to enjoy all the Android applications on your personal computer. You will be able to have a better experience as the computer has a big screen and let you feel better.
Full Compatibility
Since the launch of bluestacks rooted, there is not even a single person who has given a bad review about it. It doesn’t have any kind of compatibility issues with any applications that you can usually use on the Android mobiles. You will always run all the greatest versions of Android without any issue on your personal computer.
Wonderful navigation
You will become successful in navigating between the Android and Windows/Mac without any problem. All you need to do is open the bluestacks on your laptop or personal computer and we can guarantee that you will always feel the Android environment.
Effortless downloading process
The entire process on how to root bluestacks 4 is very smooth and the majority of users doesn’t find any difficulty to complete it. The development company has made this process easy for making sure the users can enjoy the downloading & installing process.
What are the new features in Bluestacks 4 root?
There are lots of modifications undergone by the developing company for making sure that you should the most pleasant experience. Check out the major features of the Bluestacks rooted explained below:
Android Tab
You will be able to discover the exciting apps across the world in the Android tab without any disturbance. In short, you will feel like operating Android on a bigger screen
Switching easily
The emulator launches each game in a separate tab that allows it to switch between the apps in an easier manner. This feature has made it possible to enjoy a better experience for the users.
Side Toolbar
This version of bluestacks comes with a side toolbar through which you will be allowed to access a great variety of features without the need to visit the settings section. It has made the process smoother and convenient.

Root bluestacks 4 on Windows or Mac
Screen resizing
It is one of the new features in this emulator through which the screen can be resized. All you need to do is drag the window corners and set the size of the screen.
Increased storage
The developer has increased the storage to 32 GB that is much more as compared to the previous versions. You will get 16 GB SD card storage along with the additional 16 GB internal storage that is truly amazing. If you have more space, then you will be able to store some additional applications.
Chat functionality
Now, you will be able to access chat functionality in the left toolbar that will allow you to chat with the other users and use any application simultaneously.
Seamless speed
When compared to the previous versions, the Bluestacks 4 root has gone through lots of improvements. The developer has fixed many bugs in the emulator that make sure the users get a seamless experience.
Back button on top
Just the same as browsers, the back button has now set on the top-left of the emulator that minimizes the effort of the users.
We strongly believe that this article about how to root bluestacks 4 should have helped you. In addition to the process, we have to tell you about its new features and benefits. If you have any suggestion or query regarding this article, feel free to write it down in the comment box.
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