This post is going to get you aware of the most popular and best-xposed modules that you must try in your device.  Many of you are a fan of xposed from past so many years and Some of you might be new to xposed So if you are new to xposed framework then you must first check out this guide on What is xposed module and how to use it.

Xposed is not the hot and fresh new mod in the Android world it used to be, but a lot of users still love it. The Xposed Framework opens up your phone to a huge selection of customizations. The repository for Xposed modules is much larger than Magisk, which is a popular alternative. If you’re getting started or need some fresh mods, we’ve got a great list for you.

Note: Be sure to check which version of Android and Xposed these modules require. They don’t all work for the same versions.
1. Amplify Battery
Battery life is something you can really improve with Xposed modules. Amplify is a mod that instantly gives you more juice. By default, it will make a difference, but you can enjoy more improvements if you adjust the settings. The mod allows you to easily see what is causing battery drain. It will show you which things are safe to limit so you don’t accidentally break something. Amplify requires a paid “pro” version to unlock some features.

2. BootManager
Every time you boot up your phone a bunch of apps launch in the background. Android is built to manage background apps and you usually shouldn’t kill them. However, BootManager is a mod that can stop apps from launching at startup. If you have some especially performance intensive apps that open at startup you can use this app to stop them
3. CrappaLinks
CrappaLinks is a very popular mod that improves the experience of launching default apps with links. Sometimes an app will open a YouTube link in a browser window instead of the YouTube app. This can be very annoying. CrappaLinks fixes this problem and it doesn’t take many configurations.
4. Flat Style Colored Bars
In most apps, the status bar will be a slightly darker shade than the main app color. Most apps also keep the navigation bar plain black or white. Flat Style Colored Bars is a mod that allows you to customize this look. You can make the status bar match the same color of the app, so it’s a more flat color scheme. It also allows you to make the nav bar match the app colors. Apps are much more immersive when the entire UI matches.
5. GravityBox
Gravity Box is an essential Xposed module. It’s a combination of many different tools. You can tweak the lock screen, status bar, nav bar, display, power menu, and so much more. If you only download one module from this list, make it Gravity Box. You’ll find a plethora of great customization options for just about everything.
6. Greenify
Greenify is a popular app even for non-rooted users, but as an Xposed module, it can do a lot more. Greenify allows you to “hibernate” apps when the phone is locked. Apps that you don’t use often or don’t need to be constantly awake can be put to sleep. This saves battery life when your phone isn’t being used. Greenify will help you choose the apps that are using the most resources in the background. It’s an excellent tool even if you don’t have Xposed.

7. NeverSleep
NeverSleep allows certain apps to prevent the display from sleeping. Instead of adjusting the screen lock time for the entire system, you can adjust it on an app-by-app basis. You might find this useful for a reading app or a cookbook app. It’s a simple tool but it can be very useful.
8. PinNotif
Some people like to use notifications as reminders to do something later. The only flaw in this system is when you accidentally remove the notification. PinNotif allows you to pin any notification. Simply long-press the notification to pin it and long-press it again to unpin. Then you can swipe it away when you’re done with it.
9. Xblast Tools

Xblast is similar to Gravity Box in that it includes a bunch of different tools. This includes tweaks to the status bar and nav bar, volume buttons, multi-tasking, and much more. The customization options are nearly limitless. It’s a great suite of options for anyone interested in doing a wide array of tweaks.
10. XUIMod
As the name implies, XUI is all about the system UI. The module includes tweaks for the clock, battery, animations, lock screen, notifications, and more. Even little things like the AM/PM on the clock can be changed.  If you notice little details like that, this is a great mod for just slightly tweaking little things and changing the overall look.
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