We all love custom roms because it unlock the power of customization and power of the device. We all know the glory of Cyanogenmod roms. If you are in android rooting from the past 5 years then you might know how awesome is CyanogenMod roms are and you are new to rooting then you must know the history of CyanogenMod Rom. From when CyanogenMod rom started and when it ends.

We have created a beautiful and informative infographic for all of you to show the history of CyanogenMod roms how it evolves over time into most loved custom roms in the android community.

Share us from which CyanogenMod you started your android rooting journey we loved to know that in comments.

History of CyanogenMod Roms

History of Cyanogenmod Rom

We hope you like this infographic we will be soon coming with the infographic for Lineageos rom also till then stay tuned and share your experience with CyanogenMod.
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  1. Starting from CyanogenMod 11 (1st Time I Try & ❤️ It Now Missed the CM Theme Engine