Pokemon Go is a free-to-play mobile application that takes advantage of the technological advancement of augmented and virtual reality to play in the real world. The game is developed for both Android and iOS platforms by Niantic. 

The Pokemon Go game uses the built-in location tracker of every smartphone to map and track the environment to provide a real-time experience of augmented reality. Players can play the game by catching and training Pokemon creatures in real locations.

What Is LineageOS?

Back on the 24th of December in 2016, the operating system LineageOS was launched officially by Cyanogen Incorporated as a successor to “custom ROM.” The LineageOS is an android based open-source operating system that is free for everyone to use, however, access is only limited to some android devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.
How To Install Pokemon Go in LineageOS

Pokemon Go was developed only to be used by both Android and iOS platforms, however, LineageOS isn’t considered to be either one of those as it is an independent open-source operating system. And Niantic developed a cheating protection program that automatically detects if a player has a rooted phone or custom ROMs that blocks them from playing.

However, don’t lose hope as there’s always a way of playing the most popular game to date, especially in an open-source operating system. Follow the guide thoroughly and you will be playing in no time. And don’t worry if you think you’re late on playing the game as there are numerous guides and Pokemon Go cheats available online to speed up the process.

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Make A Full Backup Of Your Device First

Before anything, you must create a backup of everything in your device just in case the worst-case scenario happens and all of your files get corrupted, yes it’s risky but it’s worth it. Although, there are recorded reports that this process should work on any Android device that runs LineageOS.

Install Magisk

The Magisk application is known across the world of Android for the past years as a tool developed by topjohnwu, an XDA Developer. It is recommended that you would read every documentation about Magisk as instructions vary from various devices, therefore making it almost impossible to give out a step by step process for everyone to follow.

Open Magisk

The next thing you would do is to open the Magisk application and run the SafetyNet test; if it passes then you can proceed, however, you have to download some plugins if it fails. The plugins are the Busybox for Android and the MagiskHide Props Config. After you’ve downloaded the plugins, restart the device and run the SafetyNet test again.

Hide The Magisk

The next step would be to go to the Magisk menu and press “Hide Magisk Manager” because the game’s protection system would detect the app and would not allow you to play. Press the Magisk Hide menu and make sure that the Pokemon Go is checked then the program would trick the Pokemon Go app for it to not detect the Magisk program and play the game.

Don’t Fall Behind, Pick Up The Pace

Being unable to play Pokemon Go due to your lack of compatible gadgets, you would fall behind from the people who played since its first release. However, numerous guides on the internet on everything you need to know about Pokemon Go that could help you further understand the gameplay and its mechanics to be better at the game.

Other players can be stuck especially when they live in a rural area as there are no buildings and nearby parks. However, you can break those limits if you cheat. Although there are no known cheats that alter the game’s programming, you can use third-party apps to deceive your smartphone’s location and put you into busy popular areas.

Earning Real Money With The Game

Playing Pokemon Go and earning virtual currency inside the game is something anyone can do, however, not every day that you see people earning real cash with Pokemon Go for something in exchange related to the game such as services and in-game items.

You can be a driver for some people who need to go to a specific location to catch a specific Pokemon, like an uber driver but for hunting pokemon. You can sell high-level accounts, you can hack for them, or the most common one is for you to get hired to walk for other players as there’s an in-game mystery item that needs to travel a few miles before revealing what it is.


The Pokemon Go application is not relatively new because it has 
been running for a few years now as it still gains more and more players each month. It’s not too long before it got to a point that the players are finding new ways to monetize the app by selling in-game items and giving services to other players in exchange for real money.

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